University of Aizu-JUSTIPEN-EFES Symposium on
"Cutting-Edge Physics of Unstable Nuclei"

DATE: November 10-13, 2010
PLACE: University of Aizu (Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan)


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[1] Subject

 Recent progress of physics in unstable nuclei will be discussed both experimentally and theoretically. We will also discuss future perspectives of nuclear physics in the eve of exascale computing and new experimental facilities and techniques. We would like this symposium to be an opportunity not just to present recent progress and future prospects but to exchange new ideas and to debate difficult and sometimes controversial questions. Topics discussed in the present symposium will be

 1) Collective motions at the extremes of the nuclear landscape
 2) Many-body correlations and cluster structures in dilute and open systems
 3) Many-body forces in nuclei: bare and induced
 4) Nuclear theory in the eve of exascale computing
  * Ab initio nuclear theory
  * Contemporary shell model study of exotic nuclei
  * Microscopic nuclear energy density functional theory
 5) Probing structure and reactions of nuclei near drip-lines
 6) Advances in experimental techniques and technology

[2] Contributed papers

 The deadline for contributed papers is August 31, 2010. The abstract should be typed in a one-page A4 form (free format), and sent to aizu2010-org [at] as a PDF file. Talks are selected from the submitted abstracts.

[3] Registration

 The deadline for the registration is September 30, 2010. [finished]

[4] Access and hotel information

 (Access) Web page of the University of Aizu

 (Hotel) List of hotels recommended for the symposium participants

[Web reservation in English]
 "Toyoko Inn Aizuwakamatsu Ekimae"

[Reservation in Japanese only]
 "HOTEL alpha-1"

[5] Corresponding address

 E-mail: aizu2010-org [at]
 Symposium web page:
 The University of Aizu:

Organized by

Nuclear Theory Group, University of Aizu
International Research Network for Exotic Femto Systems (EFES)
Japan-US Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei (JUSTIPEN)

Organizing committee

S. Fujii, Tokyo
M. Honma, Aizu
T. Nakatsukasa, RIKEN
W. Nazarewicz, Tennessee/Oak Ridge
T. Otsuka, Tokyo/CNS
T. Papenbrock, Tennessee/Oak Ridge
H. Sagawa, Aizu (Chair)
K. Sekiguchi, Tohoku

Local organizing committee

S. Fujii, Tokyo
K. Hagino, Tohoku
M. Honma, Aizu
H. Sagawa, Aizu
M. Yamagami, Aizu (Secretary)