Nov. 10 (Wed.)

Opening Session (Chair: M. Honma)

13:30- H. Sagawa, Opening address
13:40- T. Papenbrock, (Greetings from JUSTIPEN)

Halo and Pairing (Chair: M. Honma)

13:45- T. Nakamura, Spectroscopy of neutron drip-line nuclei by breakup reactions
14:10- M. Matsuo, Pairing in neutron-rich nuclei: spatial correlation and two-neutron transfer
14:35- G. Papadimitriou, Calculations of charge radii in Helium Halo nuclei within the Gamow Shell Model
14:55- T. Oishi, Diproton correlation in the proton-rich Borromean nucleus 17Ne
15:15- Y.R. Shimizu, Improved BCS calculation without the neutron gas problem

Coffee Break (15:40 - 16:10)

Contemporary Shell Model (Chair: T. Nakatsukasa)

16:10- S.A. Coon, Extrapolation of a truncated model space result to the infinite basis model space
16:35- S. Fujii, Microscopic shell-model description of neutron-rich carbon isotopes in the 0s-2s1d0g space
17:00- T. Abe, Benchmark calculation of ab-initio Monte Carlo shell model in light nuclei
17:25- K. Tsukiyama, Benchmark calculation of ab-initio Monte Carlo shell model in light nuclei
- 17:45

Nov. 11 (Thrs.)

Density Functional Theory (Chair: Y.R. Shimizu)

9:00- W. Nazarewicz, Information content of a new observable
9:25- M. Stoitsov, Microscopically Based Nuclear Energy Density Functionals Using The Density Matrix Expansion
9:50- M. Kortelainen, Natural units and neutron droplets as constraints in the EDF optimization
10:15- H. Nakada, Mean-Field and RPA calculations with Gaussian expansion methods

Coffee Break (10:40 - 11:10)

Spin-Isospin Dynamics (Chair: N. Aoi)

11:10- A. Tamii, E1 and M1 strength distributions in stable magic nuclei
11:35- T. Uesaka, Spin-isospin studies with the SHARAQ spectrometer
12:00- Y. Ichikawa, Production of spin-aligned RI beam via two-step fragmentation reaction with dispersion matching
12:20- N. Tsunoda, Anti-symmetric spin-orbit force in the effective interaction for the shell model and its effect

Lunch (12:40 - 13:40)

Shape and Rotation (Chair: H. Nakada)

13:40- T. Suda, Electron scattering - towards Hofstadter's experiments for exotic nuclei -
14:05- E. Ideguchi, Superdeformed Band in Asymmetric N>Z Nucleus, 40Ar, and High-Spin Studies in A=30~40 Nuclei
14:30- T. Sumikama, First decay spectroscopy at RIBF for neutron-rich nuclei in mass A~110 region
14:55- T. Papenbrock, Model-independent description of nuclear rotation in an effective theory

Coffee Break (15:20 - 16:00)

Special Session "In the eve of exascale computing" (Chair: W. Nazarewicz)

16:00- S. Tsunoyama, Address by President of University of Aizu
16:05- E. Ng, Exascale computing initiatives in the U.S.
16:35- M. Taiji, K-computer and supercomputing projects in Japan
17:05- J.A. Carlson, Exascale Computing for Nuclear Science in the United States
17:35- T. Otsuka (presented by T. Nakatsukasa), Challenges of nuclear structure calculations with peta and exa machines
- 18:05

Nov. 12 (Fri.)

Many-Body Force and Shell Model (Chair: S. Fujii)

9:00- B.R. Barrett, Ab initio Shell Model with a Core: Importance of Three-Body Effective Interactions
9:25- K. Sekiguchi, Study of Three Nucleon Forces in Three Nucleon Scattering at RIBF
9:50- B.A. Brown, Configuration Interactions Constrained by Energy Density Functionals
10:15- P.C. Srivastava, Large scale shell model calculations for neutron rich fp-shell nuclei

Coffee Break (10:35 - 11:05)

Collective Excitation and Pairing (Chair: H. Sagawa)

11:05- G. Colo', The correlations between symmetry energy and Pigmy states
11:30- T. Inakura, Systematic calculations of electric dipole response with fully self-consistent Skyrme-RPA
11:50- K. Yoshida, Skyrme-QRPA approach to collective modes of excitation in deformed nuclei
12:10- M. Yamagami, Global fitting of pairing density functional; the isoscalar density dependence revisited

Lunch (12:35 - 13:30)
Excursion (13:30 - )
Banquet (18:30 - )

Nov. 13 (Sat.)

Reaction (Chair: A.B. Balantekin)

9:00- C.A. Bertulani, Spectroscopic information from reactions with unstable nuclei
9:25- H. Yamaguchi, Studies for alpha-induced astrophysical reactions at CRIB
9:50- M.K. Gaidarov, Probing Nuclear Structure of Medium and Heavy Unstable Nuclei and Processes with Helium Isotopes
10:15- S. Yusa, Role of non-collective excitations in heavy-ion reactions

Coffee Break (10:35 - 11:05)

Cluster (Chair: K. Hagino)

11:05- M. Ito, Unified studies of neutron-excess systems from bound to continuum
11:30- M. Kimura, Systematic study of the many-particle many-hole states in and around the Island of Inversion
11:55- Y. Taniguchi, Various deformed states and α clustering in 40Ca
12:15- Y. Hashimoto, Description of t-band in 182Os with HFB+GCM

Lunch (12:40 - 13:40)

Deformation and Large Amplitude Collective Motion (Chair: T. Papenbrock)

13:40- A.V. Afanasjev, Fission barriers in actinides and superheavy nuclei: CDFT perspective
14:05- Myaing Thi Win, Shape of Λ hypernuclei in (β, γ) deformation plane
14:25- N. Hinohara, Large-Amplitude Shape Mixing Dynamics with Local QRPA Inertial Functions
14:45- K. Sato, Microscopic study of development of quadruple deformation in neutron-rich Cr isotopes
- 15:05