Opening meeting of Japan-US Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei


--------------------------- Physics Issues of JUSTIEN --------------------------


10/July, 2006, Meeting room, RIBF building 2F, RIKEN


Each talk:  20 min. talk + 10 min. discussion



13:00        Chair person  T. Otsuka (Tokyo)


W. Nazarewicz (Oak Ridge/Tennessee)

gNuclei as open quantum many-body systemsh


T. Nakatsukasa (Tsukuba)

gTime-dependent quantum mechanical approaches to nuclear dynamicsh


R.F. Casten (Yale)

gComplementarity of "microscopic" and "macroscopic" perspectives on nuclear structureh


K. Ogata (Kyushu)

gThree-body and four-body CDCC analysis of reactions of unstable nucleih


---------------- Coffee break (15:00 - 15:30) ------------------------


15:30        Chair person:  H. Sakurai (RIKEN)


D. Dean (Oak Ridge/Tennessee)

gCoupled-cluster theory in nucleih


N. Itagaki (Tokyo)

gExotic structure of light nucleih


B. Barrett (Arizona)

gThe No Core Shell Model for Nuclear Structure and Reactionsh


S. Fujii (CNS Tokyo) (short comment)

gMicroscopic approaches to exotic nuclei with the bare nuclear forceh


B. Balantekin (Wisconsin)

gPerspectives on Nuclear Astrophysicsh


Y. Motizuki (RIKEN)

gActivities in Nuclear Astrophysics at Riken Nishina Centerh