Ito International Research Center (IIRC) symposium, The University of Tokyo

"Perspectives of the physics of nuclear structure"

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Ito International Research Center (IIRC) symposium, The University of Tokyo

"Perspectives of the physics of nuclear structure"

November 1-4, 2017
Ito hall (Nov. 1-2), Koshiba hall (Nov. 3-4)
The University of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan


The international symposium "Perspectives of the physics of nuclear structure" will be held from November 1st to 4th, 2017, at the Ito Hall and Koshiba Hall, Hongo campus, the University of Tokyo.

The physics of nuclear structure presents a notable progress in recent decades through the exploration and the understanding of new features in nuclear structure, including "neutron halo" and "island of inversion" as well as more recent development such as "shell evolution", "ab initio approaches", etc. These are obviously due to developments, experimental as well as theoretical, on and with rare isotopes or exotic nuclei. Its interdisciplinary applications are also developing.

This symposium will be devoted to discussing such recent achievements and further perspectives in the physics of nuclear structure, with a slight emphasis on the developments of the shell model in the past and future. The utilization of high-performance computing will be discussed. The scientific program is composed of invited and contributed talks and poster session.

The subjects to be covered in this symposium include

  1. Exotic structure of neutron- and proton-rich nuclei and shell evolution
  2. New facets of nuclear forces and effective interactions in nuclei
  3. Shape evolution, shape coexistence and quantum phase transition
  4. Ab initio approaches to nuclear structure
  5. Shell model in the next decade
  6. Nuclear excitations and reactions a la shell model
  7. Applications to astrophysics, particle physics and nuclear engineering
  8. Advancement in large-scale many-body calculations

The members of the organizing committee are
Takashi Abe (Secretary, Tokyo), Kenji Fukushima (Chair, Tokyo), Michio Honma (Aizu), Naoyuki Itagaki (YITP), Toshitaka Kajino (NAOJ/Tokyo/Beihang), Takahiro Mizusaki (Senshu), Hiroyoshi Sakurai (Tokyo/RIKEN), Noritaka Shimizu (Secretary, CNS), Susumu Shimoura (CNS), Hideki Ueno (RIKEN), Yutaka Utsuno (Secretary, JAEA/CNS)

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Organized by
Organizing committee sponsored by Ito International Research Center

Co-organized by
Joint Institute for Compuatational Fundamental Science
Center for Nuclear Study, the University of Tokyo

Supported by
Department of Physics, the University of Tokyo
RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-based scipence