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(Updated; Jun. 15)

Please see the (Preliminary) Program.

Second (Final) Circular is issued.

The registration is available at the Indico page here.

The second SEA workshop on Low Energy Nuclear Physics (SEA2016) will be held as,

Date: Jun 26-28, 2016
Venue: CNS, the University of Tokyo, Wako Campus
Nishina Hall (RIKEN)
Hosted by: CNS, INFN-LNS, SKKU
IAC: G. Cuttone (INFN LNS)
A. Insolia (U. Catania - INFN Sez. Catania)
Y.K. Kwon (RISP, IBS)
M. Lattuada (U. Catania - INFN LNS)
H. Miyatake (WNSC, KEK)
T. Otsuka (CNS, U. Tokyo)
A. Pagano (INFN Sez. Catania)
V. Pirronello (U. Catania)
S. Romano (U. Catania - INFN LNS)
H. Sakurai (RIKEN - U. Tokyo)
D. Santonocito (INFN LNS)
S. Shimoura (CNS, U. Tokyo)
C. Spitaleri (U. Catania - INFN LNS)
Chair: H. Yamaguchi (CNS, U. Tokyo)
Co-chair: S. Cherubini (U. Catania - INFN LNS) K.Y. Chae (SKKU)

This series of workshop was initiated in 2014 to promote the collaborated study on low-energy nuclear physics between Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (INFN-LNS, Italy), Center for Nuclear Study, the University of Tokyo (CNS, Japan), Sungkyunkwan Univ. (SKKU, Korea), RIKEN (Japan) and other institutes. We welcome your contribution on any topic related to low-energy nuclear physics.

The first SEA Workshop was held at Siracusa, Sicily in Jul. 2014.

Contact: H. Yamaguchi (Local organizer)