Penetrability ratio between mirror nuclei

This calculates the ratio of nuclear penetrability, PL2/PL1 of the system A+B (#1), and its mirror system (#2).
The ratio provides an estimation of the unknown partial width, Γ 2 = (PL2/PL1) Γ 1

You can adjust the energy offset between mirror levels. By default, it compares the two nuclei by taking the particle threshold as the standard of the level energy. The energy (Emin, Emax) below is in the center-of-mass system, and E=0 corresponds to the specified level energy standard.

Nucleus A
Nucleus B
Angular momentum L
R0 (fm) ... The interaction radius is caluclated as R0*(A11/3+A21/3)

Energy range setting (MeV)
Ndiv (up to 200 divisions)
Level energy standard Threshold Ground state
Energy shift in mirrot level (MeV)
"1" means the system #2 at 1 MeV will be compared
with system #1 at 0 MeV above the energy standard.
Alternatively, you may use single energy setting:
Ex1 (MeV)
Ex2 (MeV)