Penetrability/Wigner limit calculator

This calculates the nuclear penetrability of the Nucleus #2 from the compound Nucleus #1+#2.
If #1 is 7Be and #2 is p (proton), it calculates the penetrability of p from the compound 8B nucleus.

The Wigner limit is calculated by the

W=2*(ℏ c)2/(μ Ac2) * penetrability

The factor 2 is coming from the nuclear oscillator model (Blatt and Weiskopf 1962).

There are two definitions of the penetrability, 1/(F2+G2) and ρ/(F2+G2). Here the definition is the latter.

Nucleus #1
Nucleus #2
R0 (fm) ... The interaction radius is caluclated as R0*(A11/3+A21/3)

Excitation Energy in
the compound nucleus (MeV)
L (angular momentum) Excitation energy of the
destination state in Nucl#1