Procedure to have a beamtime at CRIB

New procedure for the CRIB experiments (Mar. 2014)

The procedure to have a beamtime at CRIB will be basically the same as the one for other facilities in the RIBF of RIKEN Nishina Center.

Please see here for details:


The call for CRIB proposal is resumed from the NP-PAC held for Jun. 27-28, 2014.

The call for the proposal is here: http://www.nishina.riken.jp/RIBF/NP-PAC/14thPAC/CallForProposals_RIBF14thNPPAC.pdf

Previous call: http://www.nishina.riken.jp/RIBF/NP-PAC/13thPAC/CallForProposals_RIBF13thNPPAC.pdf

Note (Jun, 2014):

The followings are strongly recommended to avoid any inconvenience in the refereeing process of the proposal:

  • The spokesperson of the proposal should be a single person, who can take the whole responsibility of the experiment, unless there is a special reason.
  • In principle the presentation at the NP-PAC meeting should be made by the spokesperson of the proposal. If the spokesperson cannot attend the meeting, one should make a best effort to arrange another collaborator in the same institute to make the presentation. Asking a local collaborator (RIKEN/CNS/KEK) should be regarded as a final solution.

The following information is obsolete:

  • Currently there is no call for the CRIB experiment at NP-PAC of RIBF. Users who wants to propose an experiment at CRIB should follow the procedure below.
  1. Contact to Yamaguchi (yamag.nosp@m.@cns.nosp@m..s.u-.nosp@m.toky.nosp@m.o.ac..nosp@m.jp), and notify your intention. The users make a proposal in collaboration with CNS members. Please use cover pages here: (MS Word, PDF).
  2. The proposal is free-format, but should contain the following:
    • Motivation (physical importance)
    • Experimental setup
    • Parameters of primary and secondary beams
    • Estimation of beam time to request
    • Readiness (developments needed)
  3. Follow the procedure written below, and get an approval of the beamtime accepted.
  4. Submit a planning sheet (AUPS) just in the same way as other PAC-approved experiments (see below). The call is made twice a year, usually in winter (Jan.-Feb.) and summer (Jul.-Aug). The "spokesperson" in the form should be a proposer of the experiment, together with a CNS member (Yamaguchi).

The spokesperson must be registered as a worker in the radiation-controlled area (see other pages also).

Procedure to accept an experiment using CRIB (May 22, 2013) -OBSOLETE

Takaharu Otsuka CNS, Director

In the Center for Nuclear Study (CNS) a new proposal of an experiment at CRIB is processed by the following procedure below.

  1. Any user who wishes to propose an experiment at CRIB, called Proponent hereafter, must communicate with the contact person for CRIB in the CNS and should prepare the experiment proposal as a collaboration with CNS.
  2. Proponent or the contact person for CRIB submits the proposal to CNS Director.
  3. The Director conducts an in-house review of the proposal and judges the feasibility and scientific importance from the perspective of the CNS. This review covers technical aspects such as the ion source (including beam development), AVF and CRIB.
  4. Provided that the proposal review is favorable, the Director requests the NP-PAC to give him possible advice on scientific points. The result of the in-house review will be appended to the proposal. The Director reports the above process and requests the approval from the Collaboration Supervisors Meeting between CNS and RIKEN Nishina Center (Tantousha Kaigi).
  5. After the completion of the procedure described above, the Director can apply for an allocation of the beamtime as a machine time at Director's discretion. The beamtime allocation is henceforth administrated in a way analogous to those approved in the NP-PAC.