Procedure to have a beamtime at CRIB

New procedure for the CRIB experiments (May. 2014)

The procedure to have a beamtime at CRIB is basically the same as the one for other facilities in the RIBF of RIKEN Nishina Center.

Please see here for details:


The call for CRIB proposal was resumed from the NP-PAC held for Jun. 27-28, 2014.

The NP-PAC web page is here: http://www.nishina.riken.jp/RIBF/NP-PAC/index.html

Note (Jun, 2014):

The followings are strongly recommended to avoid any inconvenience in the refereeing process of the proposal:

  • The spokesperson of the proposal should be a single person, who can take the whole responsibility of the experiment, unless there is a special reason.
  • In principle the presentation at the NP-PAC meeting should be made by the spokesperson of the proposal. If the spokesperson cannot attend the meeting, one should make a best effort to arrange another collaborator in the same institute to make the presentation. Asking a local collaborator (RIKEN/CNS/KEK) should be regarded as a final solution.