How to restore Control Panel

When an intense primary beam was used at E7 for a long time, the control panel may show no status indication by colors, and nothing can be controlled by the panel. This happens possibly due to an irrgular stop of the sequencer modules by neutrons. For the moment, we have to turn off and on the 100 V power line for the restoration of the system, but the pumps controlled by the system are also shut down. The following shows a recommended sequence of the restoration. It may take 30 min. to 1 hour.

  1. Close gate valves which can be closed without the system (Q3-F2, F2-WF, and WF-F3).
  2. Switch all the TMP power supply/controllers operated by the system to the local mode.
    • We have 6 TMP controllers:
      • HS-1 (In between E7A and E7B courses),
      • F0 (close to the target gas inlet system),
      • D1 (Downsteram of F0 chamber, under D1 magnet),
      • F1 (Behind the D2 magnet, near the wall),
      • Q3 (near F2 chamber, east side),
      • F2 (west side of F3 chamber).
    • There are 3 different types of modules. To make it to the local mode,
      • use the toggle switch behind the controller
      • push simultaneously "SET"+"REM/LOC"
      • disconnect connector of remote control (F0) (or can be changed by the panel?)
    • Immediately they start to decelerate when you change the mode.
  3. Wait until all the TMP stop. F0 TMP controller waits for 30 min, but it actually take ~10 min. You can switch off the controller after 10 minutes, if you want to save time.
  4. There is a 100 V breaker switch at the left of the control panel. Switch it off and on. (You hear the sound of gate valve closing.)
  5. Now all the TMP controller should be remote mode. (F0...just to connect the remote control line.)
  6. The vacuum gauges of HS-1 F0 are monitored by "TPG300". If they are not working,
    • turn of the switch at the backside
    • disconnect the power cable for a moment
    • connect the cable, and turn on the switch.
    • You may need to turn on the Penning gauge. How to turn it on is written at the panel of TPG300. (Select the Penning gauge at the leftmost button, and push simultaneouly the leftmost button and the second one from the right.)
  7. Clear errors at the control panel, and restart all the vacuum system (the automatic mode should work).
  8. Open all the gate valves.