Expense support for visitors

Local expense support

In some cases we may be able to support your local expense for your stay at CNS. First please ask us if such support is possible, more than a month earlier than your travel.

We need the following information/documents for the local expense support:

  1. Name, position, institute
  2. Arrival/Departure dates.
  3. A document to certify which institute will pay the travel fee. A copy of e-mail written by a professor or a permanent researcher is fine. That should include sentences such as "The travel expense for Dr. **** to visit Japan is supported by *** University. ...". One can certify himself, if he is a professor or a permanent researcher.
  4. Photocopy of itinerary, issued by travel agency/ticket company etc.
  5. Photocopy of the stubs of the boarding passes, for both of the arriving and departing flights (after returning to your institute is fine). We may ask a photocopy of your passport, if you do not have the stubs.

1-3: We need them a month earlier than the travel.

4: Send us as soon as it is issued. Preferably it should be submitted also about a month earlier than the travel.

5: Send us after the travel.

If the support only covers partially during your stay:

For 2. above, please also note the period you will be supported by us. For 3. above, the document should also mention the staying expense for the other days which is not covered by our support.