F3 chamber

A large experimental chamber (F3 chamber) is a standard setup at F3, after the Wien filter. It has two floors (upstream one and downstream one) of which heights can be changed independently, 0 mm to -200 mm with respect to the beam height. Each floor is rectangular shaped, and has a geometry of about 50 cm (along the beam axis)x 100 cm

In a typical setting, the heights are set as follows:

  • The upstream floor....-84 mm (for the second PPAC)
  • The downstream floor...-169 mm (for Si detectors and the target holder)

(Be careful! These numbers can be obsolete!)

M4 screw taps are on the floor to fix detectors and targets. They are located in a matrix, and the distance from the neighboring screw is 150 mm (at least for taps on the same floor).

Standard items at F3

The following are the standard items we can provide at F3.

  • PPAC x 2 Active area: 70 x 70 mm2, delay-line type. (Thickness is equivalent to 9.5 micron Mylar.)]

-Movable table (slider) ...x 1

-Si detectors

  • 60-75 um, 16 x 16 strips (double-sided) x 3 or more
  • about 20 um, 16 x 1 strips (single-sided) x 3 or more
  • 480 um, 16 x 16 strips (double-sided) x 2
  • 1500 um, single channel x 5 or more

We call the stripped Si detectors as "PSD" or "DSSD", and the single channel (no-strip) ones as "SSD". Most of the PSD are this type:


The standard distance between the two PPAC (called PPAC-a and PPAC-b) is ~60 cm, but you may change it by making some modification on the holder plate of the second PPAC.

Usually the event trigger is made by one of the PPACs. Two PPACs (instead of one) are for extrapolating the beam profile at the target, and for measuring time of flight between the two.

We may provide the following things as well, but do not assume they are all ready to use:

  • Target holder with 30-mm-diameter holes to put solid target foils.
  • Gas target chamber and gas pressure regulation system.
  • NaI detectors, crystal size: 50mmx50mmx150mm, 10 crystals.
  • Ionization chamber as a dE counter for heavy ions.
  • MCP (instead of PPAC).
  • GEM-MSTPC (Active target).


  • Which of our items you need to use?
  • Where to place second PPAC, if you use it? (How much distant from the first PPAC?
  • How many targets do you need, if you use our slider?
  • What do you want to put other than the standard items?