Initialization of CAMAC/VME

The ADC/TDC modules in the CAMAC or VME crate need to be initialized when the power is turned on.

VME initialization:

  1. login babar (just type "babar" from dat2 machine).
  2. You should be at ~/exp/????, ???? is the directory of the current experiment. Do "cd vsta" there.
    • The VME modules can be initialized by "vmestat all.vsta", if you prepared "all.vsta".
    • The vsta file could be made by a perl script, makevsta.pl. In that case, run "vmeinit.sh". (This is the usual case.)
  3. On the execution of vmestat, the LEDs on the modules should flash.
  • "makevsta.pl" overwrites "all_auto.vsta".
  • You can change the settings by editing the first part of "makevsta.pl".
    • @modules...specify ADC/TDC, GEO number, and adress.
    • @disable...You can specify unnecessary channels for each module.
    • $fsr...TDC's Free spectral range parameter. (See Baba-san's web page.)
    • $thres...Common ADC threshold (All channels become the same.) -vmeinit.sh is a shell script which call "makevsta.pl" and "vmestat all.vsta".

CAMAC initialization:

  1. Login to dat. (It is not dat2 or babar!). Username is "rips", and the password is "o********".
  2. Do "cd 3351_init".
  3. Execute "init.sh".
  4. Make sure the station no. etc. are correctly configured.
  5. If if fails (it often fails), try the following: rerun the script, send "clear" by the switch at the CAMAC crate, turn off and on the crate,


  • generate_ccsta.pl... Perl script to generate ccsta file
  • gc_3351.ccsta, gc_3371.ccsta... ccsta files generated.
  • check.sh...script to check the configurations.
  • init.sh... shell-script to execute "ccstat" and "check.sh".