Here are notices for all the visitors at CRIB:

  • Do not make a illegal use of the network. Especially, never use P2P (file-sharing) software in the network of CNS/RIKEN. They will detect it and complain.
    They detect even a single action without any intention to use it. (We recommend to disable such software before coming to CNS/RIKEN).
  • Your PC to be connected to the network of RIKEN/CNS must have a good security. The OS must be regularly updated and protected against viruses.
  • Please do not use an OS which is not supported by the vendor anymore. (Windows XP support stopped since Apr. 2014.)
  • Please keep experimental rooms tidy and clean as much as possible.
  • About commonly used apparatuses:
    • Carefully treat (expensive) detectors paying a good attention. SSD does not like intense beam, too much bias, lights, scratch on the surface, etc.
    • Avoid to put too much power to tighten the screws. (Many screw holes were broken recently.)
    • Any failure of apparatuses should be reported immediately.
    • Take a good care of arrangement of cables. (Do not put on the floor and stand on them!)
    • Do not use tapes for fixing things, unless there is a good reason to do that. (Use screws and plates.)
    • Do not put dirty or outgassing materials in vacuum chamber.
  • Be careful for borrowing/lending items. (Sometimes modules disapper...)
  • Make a clear descriptions in the logbooks
    • Date, time, members
    • Beam information and secondary beam production condition
    • Geometrical information on the setup
    • ...and anything important
  • Logbooks of CRIB will be kept at CNS. Please make a digital copy by a scanner at CNS.
  • Return working wear, dosimeter (badge), and ID card on your leaving.
  • Please submit an end report after the experiment.
  • If you stay at RIKEN internal lodges:
    • The reception of the lodges are open only for daytime on weekdays. Please do not fail to get/return the key, and pay the fee at the end of each month.
    • Use the room cleanly. Do not take any items away.

Thank you for your understanding.