Primary beam and AVF cyclotron

The primary beam for CRIB is provided by the AVF cyclotron of RIKEN:


The ion source can produce various kinds of ions (4He–40Ca have been used at the CRIB beamline).

Typical beam energy accelerated at AVF is 3-10 MeV/u, and typical maximum beam current is 100 enA–a few e-microA. As these values depends on the ion, you should consult CNS members how much energy and beam current is actually available.

Available energy range

The diagram shows the available energy range (horizontal axis...in MeV/u) of the AVF. By recent improvements, the available energy could be higher than this range. please consult us for the actual availability.

Alt energy range diagram


  • Which primary beam do you use?
  • How much current do you need?