Theses on CRIB/PA experiments (after 2000)

Doctor theses:

  • Y.K. Kwon, Chung-Ang Univ. (2007) ... Research using PA.
  • J.Y. Moon "Study of astrophysically important nuclear states of 27P using radioactive ion beam", Chung-Ang Univ. (Aug. 2009).
  • Jun Chen, McMaster Univ. (2009).
  • Aram Kim, Ewha Womans Univ. (2010).
  • Dam Nguyen Binh, "Study of the 21Na(a, p)24Mg Stellar Reaction by alpha-scattering and (a, p) Measurements in Inverse Kinematics", the Univ. of Tokyo, (Oct. 2011).
  • H.S. Jung, Chung-Ang Univ. (Aug. 2012).
  • S. Hayakawa, "Direct Measurement of the Breakout Reaction 11C(a, p)14N in Explosive Hydrogen-Burning Process", Univ. of Tokyo (Dec. 2012).
  • D. Kahl, "Examination of the 30S(alpha, p) thermonuclear reaction rate by 30S+alpha resonant elastic scattering" the Univ. of Tokyo (Sep. 2015).

Master theses:

  • N. Imai, "Study of an Indirect Method to Determine Astrophysical S-Factors via the (d,p) Reaction", the Univ. of Tokyo (Mar. 2000, using PA).
  • S. Michimasa, "Study of the Stellar Reaction 21Na(p,g)22Mg by the (p,t) Reaction", the Univ. of Tokyo (Mar. 2001, using PA).
  • K. Ue, "Technical developments on RI beams with an in-flight beam separator CRIB" (original title in Japanese), the Univ. of Tokyo (Mar. 2002).
  • H. Fujikawa, "Developmet of a High-Efficiency Method for a Resonant Scattering with the Thick Target Method", the Univ. of Tokyo (Mar. 2006).
  • G. Amadio, "Study of the Resonant Scattering of 7Be+p", the Univ. of Tokyo, (Mar. 2007).
  • S. Hayakawa, "Feasibility Study of the Experiment on the Stellar Reaction 11C(a, p)14N" the Univ. of Tokyo, (Mar. 2008).
  • D. Kahl, "30S Beam development and the 30S waiting point in Type I X-Ray bursts", McMaster Univ. (2008).
  • Y. Kurihara, "Development of High-Energy Resolution Ion Chamber for Low-Energy Heavy Ions", the Univ. of Tokyo, (Mar. 2009).
  • T. Yamada, "Research for He active target with GEM-MSTPC for low energy (alpha, p) reaction", Tohoku Univ. (Mar. 2011).
  • Y. Sakaguchi, "Search for linear-chain cluster states in 14C", the Univ. of Tokyo. (Mar. 2016).
  • K. Abe, "Indirect measurement of the 7Be+n Big-bang nucleosynthesis reactions by the Trojan horse method and radio-isotope beam", the Univ. of Tokyo. (Mar. 2017, in Japanese).

I am aware that some persons are still missing. Please send Yamaguchi for any correction or missing information!