How to request visa

Please check if you need a visa for your visit. We can prepare an invitation letter and documents required for the visa application. The application should be made early, since it may take a month to get it in some cases.

If you need visa, please provide ( Yamaguchi yamag.nosp@m.@cns.nosp@m..s.u-.nosp@m.toky.nosp@m.o.ac..nosp@m.jp ) the following information/documents:

  • Your personal information (mostly should be written in the passport)
    • Full name, just as written in the passport *1
    • Birthday
    • Nationality
    • Sex (Male/Female)
    • Institute/position *1
    • Address

(*1 ... please provide both in Chinese and English letters, if possible.)

  • Your travel schedule (just a plan is fine).
    • Arrival date, airport, flight No.
    • Departure date, airport, flight No.
  • A scanned image of your passport (personal information page), if available.

Here is a sample form: