1 Procedures and registration forms needed to join CRIB experiments
2 =================================================================
3 \author HY
7 To be registered as a user of RIKEN Nishina center
8 --------------------------------------------------
10 A user registration is required to join the experiment.
11 If you do not have a position at RIKEN (visiting scientist, etc.),
12 you will need to be registered at an external user ("RIBF-independent user"),
13 and the procedure will be taken care by CNS.
14 Please prepare the following documents and submit to the responsible person in **CNS (Yamaguchi/Ms. Endo)** for the registration.
15 (Please **do not send these to RIKEN**, unless your main work is for RIKEN experiment or you have a position (visiting scientist etc.) at Nishina Center. )
17 - Registration form
18 <!-- [English 2012.Jun] (../files/Registration_Form.xls) / -->
19 <!-- [Japanese] (../files/Gaiburiyou.xls) -->
21 - "Affidavit"
22 <!-- [English] (../files/Affidavit_English.doc) / -->
23 <!-- [Japanese] (../files/Seiyakusyo.doc) -->
25 We also need a **digital picture** of you,
26 which appears on the card.
27 Please prepare a picture in which you are directly facing to the camera,
28 with a simple background.
30 The forms are available at the RIKEN site:
32 [RIBF website] (http://www.nishina.riken.jp/RIBF/independent/registration_eng.html)
34 (See "Registration as RIBF Independent Users".)
36 The registration may take a few weeks.
37 A personal card will be issued after the registration.
39 The registration expires in two years,
40 or when you moved to another institute.
41 You need to submit forms when you want to
42 extend or remake your registration.
43 (Please consult us.)
45 Please tell us if **you have joined an experiment at CNS/RIKEN
46 in the last 2 years**. You may be able to skip some of the paperwork.
49 To work in the radiation-controlled area (experimental rooms)
50 ---------------------------------
52 You need to submit the
54 - Certificate for registered radiation worker.
56 <!--
57  - [English (MS Word)](../files/Radiation_Registration_form.doc)
58  - [Japanese (MS Word)](../files/housyasen.doc)
59  - [Japanese/English (PDF)](../files/RadiationApplicationForm.pdf)
60  - [How to fill it] (../files/RadiationApplicationForm_SAMPLE.pdf)
61 -->
62 The form is also available at the website above (see the sample also).
63 A **hand-written** signature by your radiation-safety administrator
64 in your institute is required.
66 Please send us the certificate early enough (we need two weeks or more)
67 so that we can finish the registration before your arrival.
68 We would like to have it first by e-mail, and then
69 want the original copy sent by express air mail.
72 Safety Training
73 -------------
75 In addition to submitting the form, you will need to take safety training:
77 - For external users (normal CRIB visitor):
78  Safety training is held at the users office in RIBF building, 2nd floor.
79  - Your position/division in RIKEN will be (you may need them for some forms),
80  + position: RIBF-independent user
81  + division: User Liaison and Industrial Cooperation Group, User support office
82  - In Japanese,
83  + 身分: 外部利用者
84  + 所属: 共用促進チーム
85 - For users who already have a position in RIKEN:
86 Please follow the instruction of your host laboratory.
87 You may need to take a video lecture at Nishina Building.
89 Since you need a reservation to take the safety training, please let us know your available time
90 (otherwise, we may make a reservation at earliest possible time).
91 After the training,
92 you will obtain a dose badge
93 to enter the radiation-controlled area at the RIBF users office.
97 Notes on the document preparation
98 ---------------------------
100 - In the end we need the **original copies (with hand-written signatures)** of the affidavit and radiation safety forms.
101 These days RIKEN requests us to send the original copies **before your arrival**.
102 Please send the documents via express air mail (Fedex etc.) to the CNS address below.
103 You may bring them with you, only when there is no time to send the originals beforehand.
105 - The spokesperson of the experiment should complete
106 the registration at least a few weeks before your arrival.
107 (This is due to the new rule in RIKEN.)
108 If the spokesperson is a new registrant, that person should
109 send the original copies to us
110 when you submit the AUPS (the planning sheet for the beamtime).
111 If the spokesperson has have been already registered in previous years,
112 the person may need to sign another document
113 for the renewal. Please let us know in that case.
116 - You have to resubmit a new certificate, when the previous one
117 has expired (or you can remake the registration when you come
118 next time). The certificate expires at the end of each fiscal year (Mar. 31).
120 - **Please be sure to return the card and dosimeter (badge) to CNS secretaries,
121 the person in charge (Yamaguchi), or the RIBF users office (for the badges) on your leaving.
122 (Never bring the dosimeter into airplanes.)**
123 Users who will stay in Japan are not required, but
124 recommended to leave the card at CNS.
125 You have to return the card when the registration expires.
127 - A temporal visit in the experimental area
128 (accompanied by one of the CNS staff or others)
129 without the above procedure is possible.
130  + "Guided facility tour", is only for one day,
131 and any practical work in the area is not permitted.
132  + "Work that is supposed to be without contamination by radioactive material"
133 allows you to enter the area for a certain period.
134 You will be given a dosimeter, and you have to submit a form
135 to report the time and dose every day. This permission is not valid for the beamtime (i.e. you cannot take shifts in the beamtime).
137 Keys
138 ----
140 Most of the buildings in RIKEN are locked, and
141 you need a card to open it.
142 Temporal entrance card issued at the reception (west gate) of RIKEN
143 also works as the key, but basically you should return it within a day.
145 If you finish the registration above,
146 your personal card will be given at the secretary's room, on the 2F of the CNS building.
148 The CNS building is locked at night, on weekends and holidays.
149 You need to input a number to unlock the door.
150 (Please ask a CNS member for the key number.)
152 There is a gate between the Sakura House and Nishina Lodge,
153 and some of the temporary cards do not work for that gate.
154 If you need to open that gate with a temporary card,
155 you should claim that on requesting a card at the west gate.
157 Accommodation
158 -------------
160 There are two internal lodges in RIKEN,
161 [Nishina Lodge and Sakura House (H-building)]
162 (http://www.nishina.riken.jp/RIBF/independent/accommodation_eng.html).
164 -The schedule must be fixed 10 days earlier
165 than your arrival, at latest. For any change after that should be
166 requested through the secretary at CNS.
168 (New reservation system from 2016.7)
170 The reservation system of the Nishina Lodge/Sakura House has been changed,
171 and the procedure is as follows:
172 -# Send the following information to us (Yamaguchi/Endo).
173  + Name, sex, nationality, e-mail address, period of stay (check-in/out dates)
175 -# Confirmation e-mail is sent to you
176 (or we may make an anonymous reservation of which e-mail will not be sent to you).
178 -# On arrival, you need to show the followings at the west gate guard.
179  + The confirmation e-mail from the system.
180  + Identification (passport, driver's licence, etc.)
182 Also please make sure:
184 -You have to pay the fee **by the end of each month** at the reception
185 of each lodge, even if you stay beyond the end of a month.
186 They only accept cash in Japanese yen.
188 -You cannot stay longer than 30 days at
189 the two internal lodges. (If you want to stay longer, please consult us.)
191 -The internal lodges **do not accept mails or packages sent to you.**
192 If you want to receive something, please send it to a person in CNS
193  (or some laboratory RIKEN).
195 -The numbers of rooms are limited, and sometimes all
196 the rooms are fully booked.
197 In that case, please reserve your rooms outside RIKEN by yourself.
198 The nearest hotels are:
200  - [Super Hotel] (http://www.superhoteljapan.com/en/s-hotels/wako.html)
201  (click on "Lodging Reservation" on the right side for the booking.)
203  and
205  - [Toyoko Inn] (https://www.toyoko-inn.com/eng/search/detail/00090)
207 both of which can be booked on the web in English.
209  - If your main business is at RIKEN (not CNS), please make a reservation
210  through RIBF users office.
212 Long term stay
213 --------------
215 If you want to stay at CNS for more than **30 days**,
216 several documents must be submitted to the University, about 1 month before your stay.
218 - Please fill in [this form] (../files/Long_term_stay_personal_info.doc)
219 and send it to us (first by e-mail or fax to check, then by air mail).
221 - We need your CV and publication list as well.
223 - We also need a **recommendation letter** for your stay
224 by a person in your institute with a signature, if you **do
225 not have a degree of doctor**.
227 Please ask Yamaguchi (<yamag@cns.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp>)
228 for any questions.
231 Working jackets
232 -----------
233 You need to wear a working jacket while you work
234 in the radiation-controlled area (experimental rooms
235 in the basement).
236 You can borrow it either from CNS or RIKEN,
237 but please do not fail to return it to the proper location
238 on your leaving.
240 CNS:
241 The jackets are in the post box/stationary room in front of
242 the secretaries' room at the second floor of the CNS building.
243 Record your name on the notebook (ask some Japanese
244 to find it), and return the jacket to a secretary after use.
246 RIKEN:
247 You can borrow one at the entrance of the radiation-controlled area,
248 and the return box is also nearby.
249 RIKEN has more large size ones.
251 Please do not write your name on the borrowed jacket!
253 Retraining Program (new scheme since 2015)
254 -----------
256 Any person who will be working in the radiation controlled area is requested to complete a retraining
257 program provided by Nishina Center for each fiscal year. One cannot enter the area without completing
258 it, The program is offered at the following URL. The spokesperson should make sure that all the
259 participants finish the retraining prior to the experiment.
261 Please visit the following web page:
263 http://www.nishina.riken.jp/researcher/retraining/index_e.html
265 You may find you do not have the number which is needed to
266 reconstruct the password. Please ask us in that case.
269 Usage of computer network
270 -----------
272 For using the network in CNS/RIKEN, you need to observe
273 the local network rules.
275 You must take the training course
276 before connecting your PC to the network in RIKEN:
278 Online information security course
279 http://accc.riken.jp/en/elearning/
281 Avoid file sharing software at RIKEN
282 http://ccr.riken.jp/2364.htm
284 Important Items Regarding Information Security
285 http://ccr.riken.jp/en/security/sec-notice/
287 -These training programs are only available in the network of RIKEN.
288 That means you should take it on another PC,
289 or you may do it on your first connection of your PC.
291 -Your PC must have a security software installed.
293 -Please make sure your PC is not using any P2P-type software.
294 Such sofware is often used for illegal file sharing, and
295 connection to your PC is always be monitored.
296 If a P2P connection is detected, they may prohibit your PC to be
297 connected to the network of RIKEN/CNS.
298 An explanation will be required even if the usage of the P2P is not illegal.
299 Some of anti-virus software uses P2P for updating the pattern, which
300 is an example of non-illegal usage.
302 -Since 2015, the network of CNS allows connections only from
303 devices with a registered MAC address, and a digital certificate
304 must be installed in your device.
305 A temporary certificate without MAC address registration
306 is also available, but the certificate expires within a week.
307 Please ask us for details.
308 The RIKEN network has no such restriction.
310 Cafeteria
311 ----------------
312 You need to have an IC card to make the payment
313 at the cafeteria of RIKEN.
315 The cards they accept are so-called traffic IC cards,
318 You can buy a card at railway (JR, Tokyo Metro and others)
319 stations, but not at RIKEN (charge is possible at RIKEN
320 cafeteria).
322 For details of SUICA, please see:
323 http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/pass/suica.html
326 CNS address
327 -----------
329 CNS Address: Center for Nuclear Study,
330 The University of Tokyo, RIKEN Campus,<br>
331 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, Japan<br>
332 FAX No.: +81-48-464-4554<br>
333 Phone No.: +81-48-464-4191<br>
335 Please send your original copies of documents to
336 Hidetoshi Yamaguchi at this address.