CRIB primary beam stopping positions (2008 Feb, HY)

For experiments without using D1 magnet:

case position
Primary beam stops at some user's item detector XXX, target YYY etc.
Primary beam goes into the D1 chamber Beam dump

For experiments using D1 magnet to separate primary beam and secondary beam:

Δ Bρ/Bρ= (Bρ primary - Bρ secondary) / Bρ secondary
case position
Δ Bρ/Bρ >30% inside D1 magnet
Δ Bρ/Bρ 15 to 30% D1-F1 duct
Δ Bρ/Bρ -15 to 15 % F1 slit
Δ Bρ/Bρ -20 to -15% D1-F1 duct
Δ Bρ/Bρ <-20% inside D1 magnet
The beam stopped inside D1 magnet is, in most cases, hitting the D1 Faraday cup.

Other positions might be possible for non-standard types of experiments:

inside the duct around XXX
F2 (or F3) slit
inside the Wien filter