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CNS hosts seminars on nuclear physics, experimental technique and its applications.
The seminar is open for all people who are interested in these topics.
Please send your questions or requests on the seminar to


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  • Jun20/2017, Prof. Koichi HAGINO (Tohoku Univ.)
    "Heavy-ion fusion reactions: quantum tunneling with many degrees of freedom and synthesis of superheavy elements"
  • Apr26/2017, Dr. Jongwon HWANG (Seoul National University)
    "Structure of 19C via one-neutron knockout from 20C"


  • Feb22/2016, Prof. Koichi HAGINO (Tohoku Univ.)
    "Heavy-ion subbarrier fusion: a sensitive tool to probe nuclear structure"
  • Dec17/2015, Dr. Philipp SCHROCK (CNS) [RIBF NP Seminar #212]
    "The Electric Dipole Response of 132Sn"
  • Jul23/2015, Prof. Umesh GARG (Univ. of Notre Dame) [Spin-Isospin-Lab Seminar]
    "Exotic Quantal Rotation in Nuclei"
  • Jul21/2015, Prof. Prof. Anatoli AFANASJEV (Mississippi State Univ.) [NT-Hongo-CNS seminar]
    "The extremes of nuclear landscape in density functional theory"
  • Jul16/2015, Prof. Olga BELIUSKINA (CNS)
    "On the synthesis of neutron-rich isotopes along the N=126 shell in multinucleon transfer reactions"
    "Diamond dE-E-ToF telescope for heavy ion reactions at low energies"
  • Jul2-3/2015, Prof. Takaharu OTSUKA (UT, CNS)
    [RIBF NP Seminar #203 / RIBF+CNS Nuclear Physics Seminar 2-Slot Series Plus!]
    "Structure evolutions in exotic nuclei and nuclear forces"
  • Jun23/2015, Dr. Haozhao LIANG (RIKEN Nishina Center) [NT-Hongo-CNS seminar]
    "Nuclear spin and isospin physics in collective excitations and single-particle spectra"


  • Jan19/2015, Prof. Tetsuya Sakurai (Univ. of Tsukuba) [HPCI-CNS seminar]
    "A Scalable Parallel Eigensolver for Large-scale Simulations on Petascale Computing Environment"
  • Dec16/2014, Dr. Javier MENENDEZ (CNS)
    "From nuclear structure to neutrinos and dark matter"
  • Dec1/2014, Dr. Kathrin WIMMER (UT / CNS) [CNS + RIBF NP Seminar #186]
    "In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy with GRETINA at the NSCL"


  • Jan21/2014, Dr. Noriyoshi ISHII (Univ. of Tsukuba) [HPCI-CNS seminar]
    "LS force and anti-symmetric LS force from lattice QCD"
  • Dec26/2013, Dr. Kosuke NOMURA (GANIL, France) [HPCI-CNS seminar]
    "Interacting boson model and nuclear mean field"
  • Nov27/2013, Prof. Bruce R. BARRET (Univ. of Arizona, USA) [HPCI-CNS seminar]
    "The No Core Shell Model within an Effective Field Theory framework"
  • Nov28/2013, Prof. Michio KOHNO (Kyushu Dental Univ.) [HPCI-CNS seminar]
  • Nov22/2013, Dr. Jirina STONE (Univ. of Oxford / Univ. of Tennessee-Knoxville) [HPCI-CNS seminar]
    "Neutron Rich Matter in Stellar Processes"
  • Nov7/2013, Dr. Toshiyuki SUMIKAMA (Tohoku Univ.) [HPCI-CNS seminar]
  • Oct31/2013, Dr. Haozhao LIANG (RIKEN Nishina Center) [HPCI-CNS seminar]
    "Nuclear charge-exchange excitations in covariant density functional theory"



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