Nuclear Physics Exploring the Cosmos

CNS RI beam separator – CRIB is maintained and operated by the Nuclear Astrophysics Group in Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo. CRIB, producing low-energy and high-intensity RI beam by direct reactions, is a unique apparatus, one could hardly find a similar one even in the facilities all over the world. Making use of the uniqueness of CRIB, we are extensively studying the following topics:

1. Direct/indirect measurements of important reactions in nuclear astrophysics.
Using the low-energy, low-mass and proton-rich beams at CRIB, a systematic study has been made for the nucleosynthesis of proton-rich region. We aim to understand the nucleosynthesis in a high-temperature phenomena such as supernovae, and production of p-nuclei.

2. Studying nuclear resonance structure by resonant scattering method.
We are interested in studying exotic nucluar structure, such as proton halo and alpha cluster. We use a special method to observe nuclear resonances, and derive information on the nuclear structure.

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