2019-12-23 (月) 13:33:29 (1377d)

Local Persons

  • Nobu Imai (coordinator), Assoc. Prof. of CNS,
  • Shin'Ichiro Michimasa, Ass. Prof. of CNS,
  • Shinsuke Ota, Ass. Prof. of CNS,
  • Masanori Dozono, Proj. Ass. Prof. of CNS,
  • Jongwon Hwang, Post Doc. of CNS,
  • Daisuke Suzuki, Researcher, RIKEN Nishina Center,
  • Toshiyuki Sumikama, Team Leader, RIKEN Nishina Center,

Contact Email

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact to, which can forward your email to the persons listed above.