OEDO Project

2020-01-06 (月) 10:46:21 (1363d)

Basic idea


Letter of intent to RIBF PAC

A letter of intent has been submitted to RIKEN RIBF PAC June 2014.

Technical advisory committee

A review of the OEDO was conducted by the international technical advisory committee. The reviewers were Prof. Hans Gaissel (GSI), Prof. Jerry A. Nolen (ANL), and Prof. Wolfgang Mittig (MSU). They reviewed the OEDO mainly from the technical point of view, particularly on the principle of focusing the beams diverged by the multiple scattering by employing the RF deflector. The review was held by e-mail on Sep. in 2015. The material used for the review can be found here. The report by the reviewers can be found at fileReport_by_TAC.pdf. Based on the comments of the reviewers, we started ordering the RFD and STQ after some modification of the design.