Final circular for PST05

This is the final announcement for the 11th International Workshop on Polarized Sources and Targets, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from November 14th to 17th in 2005. It is co-hosted by the Center for Nuclear Study (CNS) and RIKEN.

Workshop site
All the workshop sessions will be held in the Ichijo hall, Yayoi Auditorium which is located in the Yayoi campus of the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Scientific program
The program is now available at the workshop web page:

Oral Presentation
The time allocated for each talk is :
25 min. (presentation) + 5 min. (discussion) for invited talks, and
15 min. (presentation) + 5 min. (discussion) for oral presentations.
An LCD projector and also an overhead projector will be available, but we recommend to prepare your talk in digital form. We will prepare a laptop PC for presentations. To avoid the possible hardware compatibility problems with private laptops, the preference is to copy your presentation file to our PC before the sessions and to use our PC for presentations.

Poster presentation
Poster session is scheduled after afternoon session II on 14th November (17:10-). The size of the poster panel is 115cm in height and 85cm in width. Posters can be exhibited from morning of 14th. Please remove it on 16th. Poster session will be held in parallel with the reception party with drinks and light meals.

Social events

  • Reception party

  • The reception party will be held at 17:10, 14th November, at the lobby of Ichijo Hall (workshop site) in parallel with the poster session.

  • Excursion & Banquet

  • Excursion and banquet are arranged in the afternoon on 16th.

    Tour to construction site of RI Beam Factory (RIBF) in RIKEN
    Participants will leave the workshop site by chartered bus for Wako Campus of RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research), and visit the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory (RIBF) which is presently in the final stage of construction preparing for the first beam extraction scheduled in the end of Year 2006. The visit includes the K2500 superconducting ring cyclotron SRC and the large-sized projectile-fragment separator BigRIPS.
    Visit to the KAWAGOE city
    Kawagoe city is known as a historical town which inherits the culture of the Edo era.
    Banquet at the Hikawa-kaikan (in Kawagoe)
    Participants will enjoy Japanese traditional dinner. Chartered bus leaves the banquet site at around 20:00 and is expected to arrive at the workshop hall at around 21:00.
The registration desk opens 09:00 - 10:30 on 14th November at the lobby of Ichijo hall. Registration fee is 25,000 Yen, and will be charged to all participants. The fee covers admission to the workshop, reception, refreshments, a copy of the proceedings, abstract book, excursion and banquet. A discount rate, 20,000 Yen will be charged if not participate in the excursion and banquet. Please tell us whether you will participate in the excursion and banquet or not at the registration desk.
We do not accept the travelers check, (bank) check, and credit card. The fee must be paid by cash in Japanese Yen. We recommend to exchange your money at the airport upon arrival.

Information of Travel & Accommodation
You can obtain information of access to the workshop site in our web page;
For information of accommodation, please see our web site;

The voltage throughout Japan is 100 Volt which is different from North America (110V), Central Europe (220V) and most other world regions. (The frequency of electric current is 50 Hz in Eastern Japan including Tokyo.) The plug type is type A, flat blade attachment plug, so a voltage transformer and a plug adapter will be required (some plugs used in USA are not compatible in Japan).

The proceedings of the workshop will be published from World Scientific. All of the oral presentations and posters will be included. The deadline of the manuscript is 30th December, 2005.

Contact Address

Local Organizing Committee:

K. Asahi, RIKEN/Tokyo Tech. (co-chair)
H. En'yo, RIKEN
K. Hatanaka, RCNP Osaka
N. Horikawa, Chubu
K. Imai, Kyoto
T. Iwata, Yamagata
T. Kawabata, CNS Tokyo
Y. Miyachi, Tokyo Tech.
Y. Mori, KEK
T. Nakanishi, Nagoya
H. Okamura, Tohoku
H. Sakai, CNS Tokyo (co-chair)
N. Sakamoto, RIKEN
Y. Sakemi, RCNP
T.-A. Shibata, Tokyo Tech.
T. Shimoda, Osaka
T. Tamae, Tohoku
J. Tamii, RCNP
M. Uchida, Tokyo Tech
T. Uesaka, CNS Tokyo (scientific secretary)
T. Wakui, Tohoku
K. Yako, Tokyo
A. Yoshimi, RIKEN (scientific secretary)

International Advisory Committee:
T. Roser, BNL (chair)
A.D. Krisch, Michigan (past-chair)
F. Bradamante, Trieste
O. Chamberlain*, Berkeley
E.D. Courant*, BNL
D.G. Crabb, Virginia
A.V. Efremov, JINR
G. Fidecaro*, CERN
W. Haeberli*, Wisconsin
K. Hatanaka, RCNP
K. Imai, Kyoto (chair-Elect)
G. Mallot, CERN
R.G. Milner, MIT
Y. Mori, KEK
C.Y. Prescott, SLAC
F. Rathmann, COSY
Y.M. Shatunov, Novosibirsk
V. Soergel*, Heidelberg
L.D. Soloviev*, IHEP
E. Steffens, Erlangen
E.J. Stephenson, Indiana
N.E.Tyurin, IHEP
W.T.H. van Oers*, Manitoba
* Honorary Members

Host Institute
The Center for Nuclear Study (CNS), the University of Tokyo

International Spin Committee
Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP), Osaka University