Topics for PST05

The workshop is a traditional one to discuss physics and technologies related to the polarized gas/solid targets, polarized electron/ion/neutron sources, and polarimetry. Main technologies to polarize nuclei are commonly used for different applications. For example, irradiation of polarized photon from laser diodes can be used to produce polarized proton/deuteron/electron beams, and to polarize 3He and Xe nuclei. It will clearly provide a good opportunity for scientists in the related fields to exchange ideas and information on the recent progresses of adjacent fields. For the above purpose, the workshop program will be organized from the view point of the technical methods, but not of applications, as listed below.

  1. Atomic Beam Method
  2. Optical Pumping Method and Laser Techniques
  3. NMR/ESR Method
  4. Nuclear Reaction Method
  5. Cryogenic Technique
  6. Other Techniques