Nuclear Structure Studies at the Limits
Cyrus Baktash

These lectures will discuss selected topics in studies of nuclei at high spin, or far from valley of stability. On the proton-rich side of the nuclear chart, I will review recent progress in studies of nuclei along the N=Z line, with emphasis on core-excitations in doubly-magic nuclei 40Ca, 56Ni, and 100Sn. I will compare the experimental results with the state-of-the-art calculations within the frameworks of several models, including shell model, QMCD, and various mean field theories. I will also discuss recent progress and future opportunities in studies of nuclei at or beyond the proton drip line.

On the neutron-rich side of the nuclear chart, I will briefly review the outstanding theoretical questions and the future opportunities to address them with the help of radioactive ion beams. In particular, I will focus on the use of re-accelerated ISOL beams for such studies, and will present an overview of the recent results obtained with the accelerated neutron-rich beams at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility. I will also discuss our plans for future production of n-rich beams using photo fission.

CISS02 Program