Exotic cluster structure in light nuclei
Naoyuki Itagaki

Although the shell and the mean field pictures have been well established for the nuclear structure, the cluster structure is also one of the most important aspects of the nuclear structure, especially in lighter region. Firstly, I will mention about the basic idea and history of the cluster model, and it will be discussed how the cluster structure appear in nuclei. For example, Ikeda's threshold rule and inversion double structure are important signals of the cluster structure. Next, I will talk about the relation between the cluster model and other models. Here, how the cluster model space can be interpreted in terms of the shell model picture will be shown. However, there are states which are not well described by the mean field picture, and what kind of excited states are specific cluster structure will be clarified. Finally, recent important topics, which is the cluster structure in light neutron-rich nuclei will be discussed. The appearance of the cluster rotational band structure, and disappearance of the shell structure will be discussed in relation with the alpha-alpha structure of the core nucleus.

CISS02 Program