Nuclear Shell Model - Past, Present and Future -
(I) Basics of shell model calculations
(II) Shell evolution in exotic nuclei

Takaharu Otsuka

I will overview the past, present and future of the nuclear shell model. In the first lecture, the basic scheme of the shell model calculation is presented, including the representation of many-body states and the diagonalization methods. The Monte Carlo shell model will be described as well as conventional one.

In the second lecture, I will focus on the shell evolution paradigm: its origins and consequences. Many anomalous properties observed in exotic nuclei are related to the shell evolution. The shell structure can be changed even if the nucleus is still far from the drip line. The change can be due bot to loose binding but to certain specific aspect, for instance spin-isospin, of the nuclear force. The appearance and disappearance of magic numbers are a good example of associated phenomena. I will present some basic points and recent topics along this very intriguing paradigm.

Lecture Note

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