CISS03 Program (tentative)

Lectures are given at NISHINA HALL (2nd floor of the Nishina Memorial Building in RIKEN)

  10:00-10:50 11:10-12:00   14:00-14:50 15:10-16:00 16:30-17:20 after dinner
9/16 (Tue)   Pandharipande   Pandharipande Pandharipande Otsuka welcome party
9/17 (Wed) Pandharipande Akaishi   Akaishi Hatsuda Hatsuda student session
9/18 (Thu) Hamagaki Nilsson   Tour Akaishi Kubono student session
9/19 (Fri) Motobayashi Nilsson   Nilsson Honma Amos student session
9/20 (Sat) Sakai Amos   Amos      

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