CISS06 Program (tentative)

Lectures are given at NISHINA HALL (2nd floor of the Nishina Memorial Building in RIKEN)

    10:40-11:30 11:40-12:40   14:00-15:30 15:30-16:20 16:40-17:30 18:00-20:00
Aug. 24 (Thu) Registration Hamamoto Neff   Tour Mittig Takatsuka welcome party
  10:00-10:50 11:10-12:00   13:40-14:30 14:50-15:40 16:00-16:50 17:10-18:00 after dinner
Aug. 25 (Fri) Mittig Neff   Hamamoto Takatsuka Student Session Free Discussion
Aug. 26 (Sat) Ueno Neff   Hamamoto Hamamoto Question time  
Aug. 27 (Sun) Homework  
Aug. 28 (Mon) Kohno Sherrill   Sherrill Sumiyoshi PD and Student Session Free Discussion
Aug. 29 (Tue) Kohno Sherrill   Sumiyoshi Utsuno Closing  

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