Computer and Network Information in CNS building

Use of computers

One Windows machine and two LINUX machines are available to all the participants in Room 201, CNS building. If you want to print your electronic files, you can use the printer in Room 211 from these computers.

The account is common for all the participants and please make sure to remove your files from the computers before leaving. The account information is below.

User name        ciss
Password         cns-efes

Use of Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN is also available both around Room 201, CNS Wako and in Koshiba Hall, Hongo.

ESSID            cnsefes-wlan
Pass phrase      0123456789
Koshiba Hall:
ESSID            CNS-EFES
Pass phrase      CNS-EFES-SummerSchool


  • Please make sure not to use any P2P software such as Winny, WinMX, BitTorrent and so on in Wako and Hongo campus.
  • We recommend the use of antivirus software when you connect your computers to the network in order to protect not only your important properties but also others' ones.
  • If you have any trouble in use of the computers and network in CNS, please contact CNS Computer and Network Administrator (S. Ota, H. Hayakawa, R. Akimoto or H. Miya).


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