Student Session

Oral Session

Student Session (I)

Wednesday, August 26, Nishina Hall

14:00-14:15Level density calculation with Shell Model Monte CarloMarkus Leykauf (GSI)
14:15-14:30(n,gamma)-reactions in a parity dependent Hauser-Feshbach methodLutz Huther (GSI)
14:30-14:45From Unitary Correlation Operator Method to Monte Carlo Shell Model calculationLiu Lang (The University of Tokyo)

Student Session (II)

Friday, August 28, Nishina Hall

16:25-16:40High-Spin States in 126IZheng Yun (China Institute of Atomic Energy)
16:40-16:55Cascade gamma rays in 27Al(n,2gamma)28AlNguyen Ngoc Duy (Instutute of Physics, Vietnam)
16:55-17:10New method of digital waveform analysis of signals from segmented Ge detec-torsGo Shintaro (CNS, the University of Tokyo)
17:10-17:25Timing performance of fine mesh R7761 in comparison with ordinary R2083 photomultipliersAndrey Ni (Kyungpook National University)

Student Session (III)

Friday, August 28, Nishina Hall

17:35-17:50Shell model study of C isotopesYuan Cenxi (Peking University)
17:50-18:05Tensor force in effective shell model interactionTsunoda Naofumi (The University of Tokyo)
18:05-18:20Unified description of triaxial deformation dynamics by use of a simple modelSato Koichi(Kyoto University, RIKEN)

Student Session (IV)

Saturday, August 29, Nishina Hall

16:25-16:40Two improvements on DNS modelHuang MingHui (Institute of modern Physics, China)
16:40-16:55Using optical model and eikonal approximation to calculate nuclear cross sections of helium for some isotopesNguyen Minh Truong (University of Science, Vietnam)
16:55-17:10Viscosity in intermediate energy nuclear reactionsZhou Chenglong (Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics)
17:10-17:25Medium modification of analyzing powers for (p, pn) reactionsYamada Yukiko (Kyushu University)
17:25-17:40In-medium Similarity Renormalization Group to finite nucleiTsukiyama Koshiroh (The University of Tokyo)

Student Session (V)

Monday, August 31, Nishina Hall

16:25-16:4030S RI Beam Production with CRIBDaid Kahl (CNS, the University of Tokyo)
16:40-16:55Direct Measurement of 21Na+α Stellar ReactionDam Nguyen Binh (CNS, the University of Tokyo)
16:55-17:10Performance evaluation of Low-Pressure Multi-Wire Drift chamberMiya Hiroyuki (CNS, the University of Tokyo)
17:10-17:25Proton Spin puzzleKim Myeong-jin (Seoul National University)
17:25-17:40Measurement of Low-mass Vector Mesons in the PHENIX experiment at RHICTsuchimoto Yuji (CNS, the University of Tokyo)

Poster Session

Saturday, August 29, Nishina Hall 18:00--20:00

P-1The $^6$He+$^6$He and $\alpha$+$^8$He cluster states in $^{12}$Be studied $via$ $\alpha$-inelastic scatteringAkito Saito
P-2Rotational energy term in the empirical formula for the yrast energies of the natural parity even multipole states in even-even nuclei.Eun Ja Ha
P-3Large-amplitude collective dynamics in proton-rich Se isotopesNobuo Hinohara
P-4Nucleon Transfer in Deep Inelastic Collisions at Intermediate EnergiesYoritaka Iwata
P-5Ion optical studies in the high resolution beam line for SHARAQYoshiko Sasamoto
P-6Elastic scattering of 26Si + p using a radioactive ion beam of 26SiJun Young Moon
P-7Performance of Focal-Plane Tracking Detector CRDC for SHARAQHiroshi Tokieda
P-8Introduction of E03 experiment in J-paecChangwoo Joo
P-9Introduction of nucleon spin experiment in RHICSeongbae Yang
P-10Proton scattering at $^{92}$Zr and the investigation of a possibleg-boson configuration$^{*}$Christopher Walz
P-11Direct Measurement of the $^{11}$C$(\200alpha,p)^{14}$C ReactionSeiya Hayakawa
P-12Alpha decay of 112CsLucia Cartegni
P-13Algebraic N alpha model (application for 12C)Tooru Yoshida
P-14Structure of 30Mg studied through beta-decay of polarized 30NaYo Kenmoku
P-15Direct measurements of the astrophysical nuclear reaction rates with radioactive nuclear beamsTakashi Hashimoto

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