Some aspects of basic properties and excitations in nuclei
----- beta-stable nuclei vs unstable nuclei
Ikuko Hamamoto

I try to talk about the following topics, explaining the physics in a simple terminology and avoiding to write formulae as much as possible.

1) Shape and shell-structure Physics obtained from the results of Hatree-Fock calculations ;
Effect of neutron excess on density and potential ;
Change of shell structure, especially when one-particle energies increase from -10 MeV to 0 MeV ;
Deformation (Jahn-Teller effect, and new shell-structure at large deformation) ;
One-particle motion in deformed potentials - Nilsson diagram ;

2) Collective modes
Giant resonances ;
Model-independent sum-rules ;
Low-energy threshold strength in drip line nuclei ;

Lecture Note

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