Reaction theories for exotic nuclei
J. A. Tostevin

These lectures will discuss theoretical techniques for obtaining approximate descriptions of the scattering and reactions of exotic projectiles over a wide range of incident energies. Particular emphasis is given to nuclear direct reaction applications and to techniques applicable to the spectroscopy of rare nuclei. Recent applications will also be presented.

Lecture coverage:
Introduction to available techniques, the few-body approach, interactions and reaction timescales, first- and higher-order theories, time-dependent and coupled channels methods and applications. The adiabatic approximation, background and implementation, recoil adiabatic approximation for elastic scattering and breakup reactions. Transfer reactions. Non- adiabatic corrections, and applications. Eikonal and impact parameter representations. One- and two-nucleon removal, recent spectroscopic studies.

Lecture Note

CISS02 Program