Center for Nuclear Study

The University of Tokyo

Imai Lab.

Posted on 27 Aug, 2019

DONUTS group

(Dynamics Of Nuclear quanTum Systems)

Nucleus is composed of neutrons and protons. We are studying the quantum many body phenomena, such as shape coexistence, exotic deformation, BEC-BCS crossover by employing unique experimental devicesand techniques. We are also pursuing the interdiciplinary research such as nuclear astrophysics and transmutation of nuclear waste. As the experimental devices, we are developing the RIB decelerator named OEDO, a large size tritium titanium target, and a high spin target. We are also developing the gamma ray detectors, recoiled particle detectors, and ultra-thin diamond detector.

2022/Apr./11-17th For revealing astrophysics condition of r-process nucleosynthesis, the neutron capture reaction rates of 130Sn has been experimentally studied in SAKURA project.