Final Circular

Final Circular for the 4th international conference on “Collective Motion in Nuclei under Extreme Conditions” (COMEX4).
October 22 (Mon), 2012: One-day Lecture Course at RIKEN, Wako (Saitama), Japan
October 23 (Tue) -26 (Fri), 2012: Scientific Session at Shonan Village Center, Hayama (Kanagawa), Japan

The COMEX4 conference will be held for the period October 22-26, 2012 at RIKEN and Shonan Village Center. The conference is hosted by the Center for Nuclear Study (CNS), the University of Tokyo and the Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP), Osaka University and supported by RIKEN.

Schedule Edit


  • Oct. 22, Morning and Afternoon:
    Lecture courses by Prof. I. Hamamoto (Lund & RIKEN) and Prof. M.N. Harakeh (KVI).
  • Oct. 22, Late Afternoon: Tour to the experimental facility RIBF, RIKEN.
    Note: the registration desk for this tour will open at RIKEN on Oct. 22.
  • Oct. 22, Early Evening: a bus transportation to Shonan Village with a
    gorgeous night view of Tokyo bay area.

[At Shonan Village Center]

  • Oct. 23, Morning - Oct. 26, Early Afternoon: Scientific sessions.

NOTE: RIKEN is very far away from the Shonan Village Center.
It is better that you book the hotel near RIKEN on 21st.

Scientific Program Edit

The program is available from the link (Scientific Program) in the webpage.

The COMEX conference is a continuation of the long series of topical
conferences on Giant Resonances, started in 1979. Following the
previous COMEX conferences, COMEX1, held in Paris, France in 2003,
COMEX2, held in Sankt Goar, Germany in 2006 and COMEX3, held on
Mackinac Island, Michigan in 2009, the scope of COMEX4 includes the
related topics of collective excitations in stable and unstable

Conference Venue and Travel Information Edit

Main Conference
The conference will be held at Shonan Village Center in Kanagawa,
Japan. It is located about 60-km southwest of Tokyo with nice scenery
of Mt. Fuji across a blue bay. This Shonan area is famous as a resort

Details about travel to and from the Shonan Village Center can be found on the conference website, under "Travel". Information about nearby airports and transportation options are provided.

One-day lecture will be held at RIKEN on 22nd, Oct, 2012.
RIKEN is far from the conference site and between the Narita Airport and the conference site, Shonan.

Please book the accommodation for the night of 21st by yourself if you need.
We will organize the bus transportation from RIKEN after the lectures given on Oct. 22.
There are two hotels around Wako-shi station which is the station closest to RIKEN.
Information for these hotels is available at the webpage

Hotel Information Edit

Shonan Village Center is the conference location as well as the
conference hotel. We have negotiated special hotel rates for the
conference and details about the booking can be found at the link
"Accommodations". The deadline of the
hotel booking is extended to Oct. 5.
After that the availability of rooms at Shonan Village Cneter is
nolonger guaranteed.

Registration and Conference Fee Edit

Participants will be requested to register via the COMEX4 registration
website, under "Registraton".
The conference fee is 30,000 JPY (10,000 JPY for Students). The fee
includes the lunches.

Presentation Edit

Oral presentation Edit

The allocated time for your presentation includes 5 minutes for questions.
We also expected lively discussions.

Speakers can bring their presentation files (ppt, pdf, etc.) stored in a portable media
(we can accept USB memory and CD-R) or in their own PC.
If you want to use your own PC for your presentation, we ask you to check the connection before the sessions.

Note that Proceedings will not published. Instead, we plan to open the presentation files on our WEB page (in the PDF format).
Speakers are kindly requested to hand in their presentation files, maybe after necessary modifications.
Please make the file, as much as you can, self-explanatory.

Poster presentation Edit

Poster presentation will be held in the evening of 24th Oct.
The maximum size of poster is A0.
Please prepare your poster in advance.
Your posters can be displayed from 23rd Oct. at the hoyer of conference site.

International Advisory Committee Edit

  • T. Aumann (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  • J. Aysto (Jyvaskyla, Finland)
  • F. Azaiez (Orsay, France)
  • A. Bracco (Milano, Italy)
  • B.A. Brown (Michigan State Univeristy, USA)
  • S. Gales (GANIL, Caen, France)
  • U. Garg (Notre Dame, USA)
  • I. Hamamoto (RIKEN, Japan / Lund, Sweden)
  • K. Ikeda (RCNP, Osaka, Japan)
  • K. Langanke (GSI, Germany)
  • A. Maj (Krakow, Poland)
  • M.N. Harakeh (KVI Groningen, The Netherlands)
  • W. Nazarewicz (UT and ORNL, USA / Warszawa, Poland)
  • T. Otsuka (Tokyo, Japan)
  • H. Sakai (RIKEN, Japan)
  • H. Sagawa (Aizu, Japan)
  • Ch. Scheidenberger (GSI, Germany)
  • P. von Neumann-Cosel (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  • D. Youngblood (Texas A&M, USA)
  • M. Wiescher (Notre Dame, USA)
  • R.G.T. Zegers (Michigan State Univeristy, USA)
  • A. Zilges (Koeln, Germany)

Local Organizing Committee Edit

The co-chair of the COMEX 4 Local organizers:

  • Y. Fujita (RCNP, Osaka)
  • S. Shimoura (CNS, Tokyo)

Local organizing committee members:

  • N. Aoi (RCNP, Osaka)
  • T. Nakamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • S. Ota (CNS, Tokyo) [Scientific Secretary]
  • H. Otsu (RIKEN)
  • A. Tamii (RCNP, Osaka)
  • K. Yako (CNS, Tokyo)
  • M. Yamagami (Aizu)