Center for Nuclear Study

The University of Tokyo

CNS Seminar 2020/07/29 Dr. N. Kitamura

Posted on 29 Jul, 2020


Place: online

Date: Jul. 29 (Wed) 13:30 - 14:30 * The talk will be given in English. *

Speaker: Dr. Noritaka Kitamura (CNS)

Title : In-beam spectroscopy of 30Mg: structural evolution approaching the island of inversion

Abstract : In the island of inversion, ground states of neutron-rich nuclei around 32Mg exhibit strong admixtures of fp-shell intruder contributions. The nucleus 30Mg is located at the border of the island of inversion, and its nuclear structure serves as a cornerstone to track the structural evolution as one approaches the heart of the island, namely 32Mg. In the present work, the structure of 30Mg was studied by detailed in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy, primarily focusing on firm spin-parity assignments for excited states. The experiment was performed at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University. States in 30Mg were populated via nucleon removal reactions. Gamma rays were detected using the state-of-the-art gamma-ray tracking array GRETINA in coincidence with the residual 30Mg, allowing for the construction of an updated level scheme. The experimental results were confronted with large-scale shell-model calculations, providing further insight into the transition into the island of inversion. In this talk, the results and their interpretations will be presented. A new in-beam measurement of 32Mg will also be discussed briefly.

contact: Ken Yako