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Active Target

Posted on 27 Aug, 2019

GEM and Active target

We use gas electron multipliers (GEM) developed in collaboration with RIKEN to measure particle tracks in a time-projection-chamber (TPC). We achieved to produce thicker GEM than ever before, which results in a more stable amplification at lower voltage. GEMs are used by the ALICE experiment at CERN in the worlds largest TPC, as well at the CAT active target for reactions with unstable nuclei at RIBF. By using an active target we are able to take a 3D snapshot of the nuclear reaction. A key characteristic of the CAT active target is the high rate capability. Since the beam rate is about 1 million particles per second, and each on of them has to be measured and identified, it is required to have a very fast detector which is also resilient to radiation damage. We are continuing to upgrade and develop low-pressure drift chamber detectors and high speed timing measurement devices as well.

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