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Eiji Ideguchi

  • Lecturer
  • Personal web page :
  • Research theme
    • Search for superdeformation in 109In
    • Search for superdeformation in 36S
    • Study of high-spin states at RIBF facility
    • Search for superheavy elements at RIBF (GARIS)
  • Research
    Study of high-spin states in unstable nuclei by using RI beam. Experiments are usually made using RIKEN Projectile Fragment Separator (RIPS) and CNS Ge detector array (GRAPE). By using RIPS, we produce neutron-rich as well as proton-rich RI beams and decelerate them down to 5MeV/A in order to induce low-energy secondary reaction, such as fusion, Coulomb excitation, direct reaction, etc. By utilizing low-energy RI beams in the secondary reactions and gamma-ray spectroscopy, we aim for clarifying nuclear structure as a function of spin and isospin. Especially, we have much interest in the study of extremely deformed nuclear shapes.

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