PST05 Scientific Program 
11/14 (Mon.)
Morning Session                                                                                 chair: E.J. Stephenson (IUCF)
10:30 (5min) H. Sakai (Univ. Tokyo) Welcome
10:35 (5min) K. Asahi (RIKEN/Tokyo Tech.) Opening Address
10:40 (40min) A. Masaike (JSPS) Historical review on solid polarized targets
11:20 (30min) T. Wise (Univ. Wisconsin) The RHIC polarized hydrogen jet target: experience and future prospects
11:50 Lunch
Afternoon Session I    Cryogenic Method I                                  chair: D.G. Crabb (Univ. Virginia)
13:40 (45min) W. Meyer (Univ. Bochum) Progresses in DNP targets & SPIN04 Summary
14:25 (20min) A. Beda (ITEP) The aligned nuclear targets from Sb, In and I2 for investigation of time reversal invariance violation
14:45 (20min) N. Doshita (Univ. Bochum) Future activities of the COMPASS polarized target
15:05 Coffee Break
Afternoon Session II    Nuclear Polarization in RI beam experiments I    chair: M. Finger (Charles Univ.)
15:35 (30min) T. Wakui (CYRIC, Tohoku Univ.) Polarized proton solid target for RI beam experiments
16:05 (20min) T. Furukawa (Osaka Univ.) Laser-microwave double resonance method in superfluid helium for measurement of nuclear moments
16:25 (20min) T. Shimoda (Osaka Univ.) Polarized 11Li beam at TRIUMF and its application for spectroscopic study of the daughter nucleus 11Be
16:45 (25min) P. Hautle (PSI) Polarized solid targets at PSI: recent developments
17:10 Poster Session & Reception  
11/15 (Tue.)
Morning Session I    Nuclear Reaction Method  -                chair: K. Hatanaka (RCNP, Osaka Univ.)
9:00 (30min) N. Saito (Kyoto Univ.) Forward Neutron Production in High Energy Polarized-pp Collisions
9:30 (20min) K. Yako (Univ. Tokyo) Polarimeters for tests of EPR paradox
9:50 (20min) V. P. Ladygin (JINR) Deuteron beam polarimetry at Nuclotron
10:10 (20min) E. J. Stephenson (IUCF) Deuteron Polarimeter for Electric Dipole Moment Search
10:30 Coffee Break
Morning Session II    Polarized Electron Beam I                       chair: T. Nakanishi (Nagoya Univ.)
11:00 (30min) M. Poelker (JLab) Operation of CEBAF photoguns at average beam current > 1 mA
11:30 (20min) J. E. Clendenin (SLAC) ILC at SLAC R&D program for a polarized RF gun
11:50 (20min) M. Yamamoto (Nagoya Univ.) High field gradient polarized electron gun for ILC
12:10 Lunch
Afternoon Session I    Cryogenic Method II                                             chair: P. Hautle (PSI)
13:30 (25min) D.G.Crabb (Virginia Univ.) Proton and Deuteron Polarizations with Irradiated Materials
13:55 (20min) C. Djalali (Univ. South Carolina) Magnet and beam-target interaction studies for the Jlab Hall-B frozen spin polarized target
14:15 (20min) Y. Kisselev (CERN) Microwave Cavity for large COMPASS polarized target
14:35 (20min) S. Bouchigny (IPN, Orsay) Distillation and Polarization of HD
14:55 (20min) T. Kageya (BNL) Performances of frozen-spin polarized HD targets for nucleon spin experiments
15:15 Coffee Break
Afternoon Session II    Optical Pumping Method I                                chair: M. Tanaka (Kobe Tokiwa College)
15:45 (30min) M. Romalis (Princeton Univ.) Tests of Lorentz symmetry and other applications of noble-gas alkali-metal co-magnetometers
16:15 (20min) Y. Masuda (KEK) A new 3He polarization for fundamental neutron physics
16:35 (20min) B. Clasie (MIT) The MIT laser driven target of high-density, nuclear polarized hydrogen gas
16:55 (20min) V. Fimushkin (JINR) A proposal of a polarized 3He++ ion source with penning ionizer for JINR
11/16 (Wed.)
Morning Session I    Atomic Beam Method                                            chair: T. Wise (Univ. Wisconsin)
9:00 (30min) E. Tsentalovich (MIT) Polarized internal gas target in a strong toroidal magnetic field 
9:30 (20min) B. Juhasz (Stefan Meyer Inst.) An atomic beam line to measure the ground-state hyperfine splitting of antihydrogen
9:50 (20min) R. Engels (FZ Juelich) The polarized internal gas target of ANKE at COSY
10:10 Coffee Break
Morning Session II  Nuclear Polarization in RI beam experiments II             chair: H. Miyatake (KEK)
10:40 (30min) H. Ueno (RIKEN) Production of spin-oriented unstable nuclei via projectile-fragmentation reaction
11:10 (20min) G. Goldring (Weizmann Inst.) Tilted foil nuclear polarization
11:30 (20min) M. Mihara (Osaka Univ.) Spin polarization of 23Ne produced in heavy ion reactions
11:50   Workshop Photo, Lunch, Excursion and Banquett
11/17 (Thu.)
Morning Session I  – Optical Pumping Method II –                  chair:  H. Okamura (CYRIC, Tohoku Univ.)
9:00 (25min) A. Zelenski (BNL) Polarized proton beams in RHIC
9:25 (20min) J. Krimmer (Univ. Mainz) Polarized 3He targets at MAMI-C
9:45 (20min) Y. Shimizu (RCNP, Osaka Univ.) Development of the Polarized 3He Target at RCNP
10:15 (20min) A. Tamii (RCNP, Osaka Univ.) Design of a polarized 6Li3+ ion source and its feasibility
10:35 Coffee Break
Morning Session II  – Polarized Electron Beam II –                       chair: M. Poelker (Jefferson Lab)
11:05 (20min) M. Farkhondeh (MIT-Bates) Polarized electron sources for future electron-hadron colliders
11:25 (20min) K. Ioakeimidi (SLAC) Comparison of AlInGaAs/GaAs superlattice photocathodes having low conduction band offset 
11:45 (20min)  M. Kuwahara (Nagoya Univ.) Generation of polarized electrons by field emission
12:05 Lunch
Afternoon Session I    New Methods                                         chair: J. Koivuniemi (CERN)
13:30 (30min) T. Nakajima (Kyoto Univ.) Spin-polarization using optical methods
14:00 (20min) T. Iwata (Yamagata Univ.) An attempt toward dynamic nuclear polarization for liquid He3
Closing D.G. Crabb (Univ. Virginia)
Poster presentations (14th Nov.  17:10 - )
A. Brachmann (SLAC) Performance of GaAsP/GaAs Superlattice Photocathodes in High Energy Experiments Using Polarized Electrons
K. Itoh (Saitama Univ.) Development of spin-exchange type polarized 3He target for RI-beam experiments
D. Kameda (RIKEN) Production of spin-polarized RI beams via projectile fragmentation reaction and the application to nuclear moment measurements
T. Katabuchi (Gunma Univ.) A new 3He polarizer and target system for low-energy scattering Measurements  
J. Koivuniemi (CERN) Polarization data analysis of the COMPASS 6LiD target
T. Nakanishi (Nagoya Univ.)  Review of semiconductor photocathodes developed for highly polarized electron source 
I. Nishikawa (LNS, Tohoku Univ.) Lamb-shift polarimeter for deuteron gas target at LNS
S. Noji and K. Miki (Univ. Tokyo) Performance evaluation of neutron polarimeter NPOL
M. Poelker (JLab) Status of Polarized Beam Operations at Jefferson Lab
A. Raccanelli (Bonn Univ.) Current developments of the Bonn polarized solid target
S. Sakaguchi (CNS, Univ. Tokyo) Polarization measurement of Polarized Proton Solid Target via p+4He Elastic Scattering
K. Suda (CNS, Univ. Tokyo) A new tool to calibrate deuteron beam polarization at intermediate energies
M. Tanaka (Kobe Tokiwa College) Polarized 3He ion source based on the spin-exchange collisions
M. Yamaguchi (RIKEN) Extraction of fractions of the resonant component from analyzing powers in 6Li(d,α)4He and 6Li(d,p0)7Li reaction at very low incident energies