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Posted on 18 Oct, 2011


Call for a Professor

A Professor post is open for call at the CNS as below. We await your recommendations and applications.

  • Post: One Professor

  • Field of research: Experimental nuclear physics

    • The applicant is expected to posess an extraordinary accomplishments and be able to actively take leadership in reaserches including heavy-ion experiments and radiation measurements.
  • Start of work: Early H24.

  • Necessary documents: (1) Curriculum Vitae,(2) Curriculum of research, (3) Ambition for research, (4) List of publications, (5) Copies of 3 significant publications and (6) 2 letters of intent all in independent A4 size papers. We will not return the submitted documents.

  • Due: Friday Jan. 13, 2012 (No delay permitted)

    • Send to
Director of CNS, Takaharu Otsuka
Center for Nuclear Study, School of Science, University of Tokyo,
3-1, 7-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 113-0033
Print "JOB APPLICATION" in red and bring by hand or mail (registered mail).
  • Inquiries:
Takaharu Otsuka
TEL: 03-3812-7886

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