Center for Nuclear Study

The University of Tokyo


Posted on 24 Dec, 2013


Call for the special researcher and teaching-support staff at CNS, University of Tokyo

University of Tokyo The center (CNS) has installed major reserach apparatuses in RIKEN RIBF, and performing nuclear physics reseaches, such as nuclear astrophysics and reaction/structure studies of unstable nuclei using heavy-ion beams, nuclear studies using unstable beam as probes. On the other hand, CNS is working for studies on high-energy heavy-ion by international collaborations, nuclear theory, and accelerator engineering. We call for special researchers and teaching-support staffs, who play central roles in these activities. We ask you to let everybody in your institute know this.

Director of CNS, University of Tokyo Takaharu Otsuka

  1. Positions on call: special researcher and teaching-support staff, a few persons.

  2. Contents of research/work: Heavy-ion nuclear physics Dedicated for the researches in nuclear (astrophysical) experiments using the main apparatuses at CNS in RIBF (CRIB, SHARAQ, Germanium array(GRAPE), Active target), high-energy heavy ion collision (RHIC-PHENIX, LHC-ALICE experiments), or nuclear theory, together with the professors at the center.

  3. The position is from Apr. 1, 2014.

  4. The duration is one year, but can be extended twice, based on a review.

  5. Condition to apply: the applicant for the special researcher must have prospects to obtain a doctor's degree by Apr. 1, 2014 for sure.

  6. Documents needed: -C.V. -Research history -Research achievements (list of publication, presentation etc.) -Research plan -Name/position/address/e-mail address of the person who can comment on you.

  7. Deadline: 12:00 on Jan. 27, must be at the office.

  8. The address to submit: CNS, University of Tokyo, 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama, 351-0198, Japan

The person to consult: Same address, Susumu Shimoura:

  1. Salary ~300,000 yen/month for special researchers ~220,000 yen/month for teaching-support staff Travel fee is supported separately. Insurances (social/hiring) are included.

After reviewing documents, an interview will be made at CNS Hongo office (Sci. Building #1, 3F, Room 316) or CNS Wako on Feb. 3rd. Please be prepared for the presentation on your main achivements and research plan. The documents should be in an envelope written as “Tokuninkenkyuin tou oubo syorui” or 特任研究員等応募書類 (Application documents for the special reserchers and others.) in red color. The documents should be sent via registered mail (if you post them). The graduate school supports “men-women common work plan”. For details, please see: