Center for Nuclear Study

The University of Tokyo


Posted on 8 Dec, 2016


Dear colleagues,

The Center for Nuclear Study at the University of Tokyo is calling for applications for postdoctoral research fellows in the field of experimental and theoretical nuclear physics. Details can be found below. We would appreciate it, if you could distribute the advertisement to potential candidates.

Susumu Shimoura
Director of Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo

Opening of Postdoctoral Researchers at Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo

CNS has several devices in RIBF in RIKEN Nishina Center and pursues the experimental nuclear physics such as nuclear astrophysics and nuclear structure/reaction studies with radioactive isotope beams. We also have branches of fundamental physics with radioactive heavy elements, high-energy nuclear physics, nuclear theory and development of ion sources.

JOB TITLE: postdoctoral researcher, a few positions available

FIELD: Experimental and theoretical nuclear physics.
The successful candidates will work on experimental nuclear physics with radioactive isotopes mainly by using the devices of CNS (CRIB, SHARAQ, Ge array (GRAPE), OEDO, Active Target, etc…), on fundamental physics with radioactive heavy elements, on high energy nuclear collisions at ALICE at LHC, or on nuclear structure theory.

ELIGIBILITY: They must hold a recent Ph.D degree in experimental/theoretical nuclear physics, or a related field by April 1, 2017.

One-year fixed-term employment contract, renewable, based on the evaluation, up to March 31, 2020. The start of the employment is April 1, 2017 (negotiable).
Health and unemployment insurance plans are available.

SALARY: ~ 300,000 yen/month (gross).
Additionally commuting expense will be covered.

(1) CV
(2) List of Publication/Talks/etc.
(3) Research summary and future plan at CNS
(4) Names and contact details of reference
will be sent as a combined PDF file (1-4) to
n.imai at ("at” replaced by “@")
with a subject field “Application to PostDoc at CNS “.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the relevant at CNS.

DEADLINE OF APPLICATION: January 6th (Fri.) 2017

After initial screening, interviews will be arranged in middle January. Interviews will take place at Wako and consist of a presentation of the research achievements and plans followed by an interview. For applicants from abroad, the interview will be conducted via Skype or TV conference system.

We acknowledge, understand and embrace diversity.

Nobu Imai
Associate Professor
Center for Nuclear Study, the University of Tokyo
n.imai at