CISS02 Program (tentative)

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  10:00-10:50 11:10-12:00   14:00-14:50 (13:30-14:20) 15:10-16:00 (14:40-15:30) 16:30-17:20 (16:00-16:50) 17:40-18:30 (17:10-17:20) after dinner
8/19 (Mon)       Hamamoto Hamamoto Austin Austin welcome party
8/20 (Tue) Koike Koike   Otsuka Otsuka Austin Austin student session
8/21 (Wed) Koike Tanida   Shimoura Shimoura Shimoura Itagaki student session
8/22 (Thu) Tostevin Tostevin   Tostevin Kubono Baktash Baktash student session
8/23 (Fri) Baktash Tanihata     Ozawa Tour      
The time schedule for 8/19 (Mon) is shown in parentheses which is slightly different from that for the other days.

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