Center for Nuclear Study

The University of Tokyo


Posted on 15 Mar, 2012


Recruitment of Specially Appointed Researcher and Assistant Professor of Center for Nuclear Sciencer, The University of Tokyo

The Research Center (CNS) is a specially appointed researcher or
We are recruiting assistants for teaching affairs.

Please inform all of your relationships.

  1. Open call for positions and personnel: 1 Specially Appointed Researcher or Assistant Academic Affairs 1 person.

  2. Research (duties) content:
    C One of the core research facilities of CNS at RIKEN accelerator facility,
    Nuclear physics using CRIB's low energy RI beam 推進 Promote research on space nuclear physics in collaboration with the center faculty members.
    Also engage in support for related experiments.

  3. Arrival time: As early as possible after May 2012.

  4. Term: Single year contract. Up to two updates in principle based on reviews.

  5. Application qualification: In the case of applying for a specially appointed researcher, as of May 1, 2012
    Passure must be obtained.

  6. Documents to submit: resume, research history, list of research achievements, research plan, and application
    方 Name, job title, address,
    of person who can hear opinion about person e-mail address

    1. Application deadline: Must arrive on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

    8.1) Address: 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama 351-0198
    内 RIKEN, Wako Branch, Research Center for Nuclear Science, University of Tokyo
    Director Koji Otsuka Telephone 048-464-4195
    2) Contact:
    351-0198 2-1 Wako Hirosawa, Saitama
    Wako Branch, RIKEN Center for Nuclear Science Research, University of Tokyo
    Yamayoshi Yamaguchi Phone 048-464-4407
    [] (mailto:

    1. Salary: {Project Researcher} ¥ 300,000 / month.
      Academic Affairs Assistant About 220,000 yen per month.
      Also provide commuting allowance. In addition, mutual aid association (special researcher),
      Social insurance (academic assistant), employment insurance

    After document screening, an interview will be held at the CNS Hongo Office of the University of Tokyo (Room 316, 3rd Floor, Faculty of Science, Building 1, University of Tokyo) or CNS Wako Branch Office. Applicants should be prepared to explain their main research achievements and research plans on the day.

    The application documents should be written in red as “Application Documents for Specially Appointed Researchers,” or registered if mailed.

    ◎ The Graduate School is actively promoting gender equality.
    For details, please see the Gender Equality Basic Plan of the Graduate School of Science at the URL below.