CISS02 Lecture Notes

S. M. Austin (Michigan, USA) "Nuclear Physics in the Cosmos" (PDF 5.3MB)
[ PowerPoint version (14.0MB) is here ]
C. Baktash (Oak Ridge, USA) "Nuclear Structure Studies at the Limits"
I. Hamamoto (Lund, Sweden) "Some aspects of basic properties and excitations in nuclei
--- beta-stable nuclei vs unstable nuclei" (PDF 14.1MB)
Y. Koike (Hosei) "Three-Body Scattering Theory and its Applications" (PDF 11.5MB)
T. Otsuka (Tokyo) "Nuclear Shell Model --- Past, Present and Future ---" (PDF 21.2MB)
S. Shimoura (Tokyo) "In-beam Spectroscopy of Exotic Nuclei Using Intermediate Energy RI Beams" (PDF 6.8MB)
J. A. Tostevin (Surrey, UK) "Reaction theories for exotic nuclei" (PDF 17.6MB)
N. Itagaki (Tokyo) "Exotic cluster structure in light nuclei" (PDF 17.0MB)
S. Kubono (Tokyo) "Physics Programs at CNS" (PDF 1.7MB)
A. Ozawa (RIKEN) "Recent measurements of reaction cross section and related topics" (PDF 11.9MB)
K. Tanida (RIKEN) "Introduction to Hypernuclear Physics" (PowerPoint 0.8MB)
I. Tanihata (RIKEN) "The RI-Beam Factory and Recent Development in Superheavy Element Search at RIKEN" (PowerPoint 6.9MB)