CISS03 Lecture Notes

Y. Akaishi (KEK, Japan) "Tensor Force Effects in Model and Real Spaces" [ PDF 1.2MB, PowerPoint 19.7MB]
"Lambda-Sigma Couplings in Asymmetric Hyper Nuclei" [PDF 1.2MB , PowerPoint 15.3MB]
K. Amos (Melbourne, Australia) "Theories and predictions of nucleon-nucleus scattering" [PDF 2.3MB ]
H. Hamagaki (CNS, Japan) "Selected topics from experimental studies at RHIC" [PDF 8.8MB ]
T. Hatsuda (Tokyo, Japan) "QCD and Chiral Symmetry" [PDF 2.2MB ]
M. Honma (Aizu, Japan) "Effective interactions in shell-model calculations" [PDF 1.1MB , PowerPoint 2.3MB]
S. Kubono (Tokyo, Japan) "Study of Stellar Reactions with Low-Energy RI Beams" [PDF 3.4MB]
T. Motobayashi (RIKEN, Japan) "Reaction theories for exotic nuclei" [PDF 1.2 MB, PowerPoint 2.9 MB]
T. Nilsson (CERN) "Physics with radioactive beams at CERN-ISOLDE" [PDF 7.4MB ,
PowerPoint Part 1 (16.7 MB), Part 2 (18.9 MB), Part 3 (11.7 MB) ]
V. R. Pandharipande (Illinois, USA) "Many-Body Theory of Nuclei and Nuclear Matter" [PDF 4.7MB ]
H. Sakai (Tokyo/CNS, ,Japan) "Looking for three-body forces by the nucleon-deuteron elastic scattering at intermediate energ" [PDF 3.8MB , PowerPoint 27.9 MB]