CISS04 Lecture Notes

D. Frekers (Muenster, Germany) "The facets of nuclear charge-exchange reactions" [ PDF 35.3MB]
Y. Fujita (Osaka, Japan) "High-Resolution Study of Gamow-Teller Transitions" [PDF 7.8MB ]
K. Hagino (Tohoku, Japan) "Heavy-ion fusion reactions around the Coulomb barrier" [PDF 6.7MB ]
T. Nakano (RCNP, Japan) "Experimental study of the Pentaquarks" [PDF 1.8MB ]
P. Navratil (LLNL, USA) "Nuclear Structure from First Principles" [PDF 7.5MB ]
W. Nazarewicz (Tennessee/ORNL, USA) "Towards the Universal Nuclear Energy Density Functional" [PDF 21.0MB]
M. Oka (TITech, Japan) "Theoretical overview of the pentaquarks" [PDF 2.7MB]
T. Otsuka (Tokyo, Japan) "Evolution of Shell Structure and Spin-Isospin Interaction" [PDF 1.0MB ]
H. Sakurai (Tokyo, Japan) "In-beam gamma spectroscopy on unstable nuclei with fast radioactive ion beams" [PDF 1.1MB ]