CISS05 Lecture Notes

G.F. Bertsch
(Washington, USA)
"Nuclear structure in mean-field theory and its extensions"
[PDF 0.6MB]
M. Harakeh
(KVI, the Netherlands)
"Collective modes investigated by inelastic scattering and charge-exchange reactions with magnetic spectrometers"
[PDF 4.8MB ]
R. Machleidt
(Idaho, USA)
"Nuclear Forces"
[(1) PDF 0.6 MB , (2) PDF 1.0MB , (3) PDF 0.8MB , (4) PDF 1.9MB ]
T. Kajino
(NAOJ, Japan)
"Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae and the Big-Bang"
[(1) PDF 4.1MB , (2) PDF 3.7MB]
K. Yabana
(Tsukuba, Japan)
"Novel computational approaches for nuclear reactions"
[PDF 0.9MB]
N. Aoi
(RIKEN, Japan)
"Exotic structure of unstable nuclei revealed through a gamma-ray spectroscopy technique"
[PDF 3.8MB ]
E. Ideguchi
(CNS, Japan)
"Study of high-spin states by using stable and unstable nuclear beams"
[PDF 8.2MB]
T. Mizusaki
(Senshu/CNS, Japan)
"Shell model calculation -- from basics to the latest methods --"
[PDF 0.4MB]
T. Teranishi
(Kyushu, Japan)
"Low-energy radioactive beam experiments for nuclear astrophysics"
[PDF 0.9MB ]
T. Uesaka
(CNS, Japan)
"Studies of new excitation modes in nuclei via exothermic nuclear reactions"
[PDF 0.9MB]